Compile and Install the System Management Console

The System Management Console uses the Merlot XML Editor
to manage the Syscon plugins. The Merlot XML Editor has
been incorporated into the the Syscon download. You can
find more information about the Merlot XML Editor at

To build the Syscon/Merlot Editor, download the source from 
to the desired installation drive.

Run the following commands:

  cd /your/install/directory               // changes to your installation directory
  export JAVA_HOME=/your/jdk/directory     // sets the JDK environment variable
  tar xvzf syscon_0.0.1.5.tar.gz           // unpacks the syscon tar file
  cd syscon/src/build                      // changes to the syscon build directory
  ant                                      // compiles the source code
  ant install                              // installs the Syscon and Merlot libraries
  ant run                                  // starts the Merlot XML Editor

After the Merlot XML Editor launches successfully, 
close the editor by choosing File->Quit.